Jacobinia suberecta -beautiful perennial, plant enter

Jacobinia suberecta -beautiful perennial, plant enter

Jacobinia suberecta: fire and silver

Jacobinia suggests the former name of Dicliptera. It is a semi-hardy perennial native to South America, Uruguay. The plant spreads easily in the garden in dry, light, rather poor soil, provided it benefits from good sun exposure. It is a contrast plant, it produces bright and beautiful flowers, a fiery orange red, then the foliage comes in contrast, in opposition, a silvery green and fluffy. The plant is only persistent in the milder regions where frost is rare and not very intense, the plant is even hardy if temperatures do not drop below -10 ° C. By protecting the strain during the winter, jacobinia suberecta will reappear in the spring. In the cooler regions it will be better to wait, before cutting back the stems in spring, until the last cold has passed. The flowers appear, from June until October, they disappear with the first frosts. The flowers grow only at the top of the stems, in the axils of the terminal leaves, they are tubular, trumpet-shaped 5 to 6 centimeters in length grouped in inflorescence.

Botanical name:

• Dicliptera sericea - Dicliptera spp

Plant info:

• Cycle: Perennial
• Foliage: Deciduous in cold regions - persistent in mild regions
• Hardiness: Hardy plant (-10 ° C)
• Family: Acanthaceae, acanthaceae
• Harbor : Erect and spreading habit - sets over time
• Exhibition: Sun - (partial shade possible)
• Ground : Draining dry soil, even poor
• Sowing: - (multiplication by division of the strain and use of suckers)
• Plantation: April May
• Flowering: June to October
• Rooting: Roots
• Cultivation area: Zone 8a see rusticity cards: France or Quebec
• Origin: South America - Uruguay
• Honey plant: Yes (nectariferous)
• Edible plant: No


• Flowering and vibrant color
• Silvery, downy foliage
• Medium hardiness
• Tubular flowers

What are the benefits of the jacobinia suberecta garden?

• It can be grown in many draining soils.
• It is resistant to drought.
• Rapid growth.
• Very visited by bees

What exhibition?

• Partial shade use is possible, but be aware that the more sun the plant enjoys, the more beautiful the flowering will be.

What soil?

• Drained soil, even poor and fairly dry.

Method of multiplication of jacobinia suberectas?

• Strain division, sucker recovery

When to plant

• In the ground: from April and May, after the frosts.
• In container: may June.

How to plant?

In the ground

• Make a hole in the soil a little larger than the root ball in the container.
• Separate the plants about fifty centimeters.
• For use as a ground cover, place 4 to 5 feet per m2.
• Scrape around the root ball to free the roots.
• Add a little potting soil at the bottom of the hole.
• In heavy soils, lighten the soil considerably with sand and deeper.
• Place the jacobinia suberecta plants.
• Recap and tamp with the soil from the garden or the shortbread mixture.
• Water.

Pot :

• The use of a large pot is necessary especially if you want the plant to develop perfectly.
• Add a draining material at the bottom of the pot.
• Add a mixture of peat and potting soil.
• For a tighter effect place 2 feet.
• Water to install the stump.
• Then water in case of drought. The plant is quite drought tolerant, but container culture makes it more susceptible.

Interview :

• Not much for this plant. If over time you want to refresh the stump, you can practice a division in the spring.
• Cut back the stems in the spring after the last cold.
• Ideally, in very cold regions, it is best to overwinter the plant in a dry, frost-free place.
• For other regions, mild to cold, straw the entire plant after bringing the stems together above the stump.
• For the cultivation of jacobinia suberecta in pots, depending on the region, it will be better to enter or place the pot under a veranda which will protect it from too dense cold.

When does jacobinia suberecta bloom:

Flowering occurs from June and until the first cold: October or November depending on the region.

Flowering of jacobinia suberecta:

• The flowers appear at the tops of the stems, in the axils of the terminal leaves.
• The flowers are tubular, red to bright orange
• They are grouped together and tight in inflorescence.
• The foliage is downy and green to silvery.


Dicliptera sericea
Dicliptera aculeata
Dic. acuminata
Dic. adusta
Dic. albicaulis
Dic. alternans Lindau
Dic. ripoensis
Dic. armata
Dic. brachiata
Dic. chinensis
Dic. elliotii
Dic. alcata
Dic. krugii
Dic. laxata
Dic. maclearii
Dic. martinicensis
Dic. mucronifolia
Dic. resupinata
Dic. sexangularis
Dic. suberecta
Dic. trifurca

What to plant with jacobinia suberectas?

• Plant with a Corsican lantana or hellebore.

Use in the garden:

ATa garden: in rockery, in beds. And again on an embankment the plant allows many uses.
• Without garden:
in a large pot of at least 30 to 40 cm.

Quick sheet:

Photo taken from under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license


Item name

Jacobinia suberecta, explosion of red and superb silvery silvery foliage!


Flowers gathered in tight inflorescences at the tops of stems 60 centimeters high. The flowers are thin, long, and tubular, and the foliage is silvery and downy.


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