Knot garden or knot garden - what is it?

Knot garden or knot garden - what is it?

A knot garden is basically a stylized spice garden. The strict forms are eye-catching even in the small garden.

What is a knot garden?

A knot garden or knot garden has its origins in the Elizabethan era, which is considered to be England's golden age. The design is flat, strict and starts from a square, consisting of a few aromatic herbs in dense bands that form patterns. The herbs could be king mint, rosemary, hyssop, thyme, gamander and lemon balm, which formed symmetrical patterns so that it looked to be knotted. A small box could stand on its own or be combined with several to large blocks. Around and between the blocks there were single passages to highlight the plants.

In today's knot gardens you can often find edges of boxwood or other trimmed shrubs. Boxwood was not found in the original knot gardens, but came to Europe later and began to be used in the baroque parterres. The French developed the knot garden and made more intricate and larger patterns, which could also include colorful ornamental plants and annuals. The limit of what can be called a knot garden or parterre today is fuzzy. It is often said that a knot garden is mainly a little smaller and should contain herbs, but can also have shaped aromatic shrubs.

The knots themselves have come more into focus and become significant for "Celtic knot gardens". A Celtic knot has no beginning or end, but symbolizes eternity. It is common for the intertwined shrubs to have different-colored foliage, so that the pattern should appear more clearly. The knots can wave at different high levels, while a parterre is more often formed at the same even level.

1. Rosemary Verey's Knot Gardens

Knot garden after Rosemary Verey's design.

Knot garden from Bill and Mary Wayne Dixon's garden in Atlanta. Designed by the famous British garden design Rosemary Verey (1918-2001), who owned Barnsley House in Gloucestershire. The knot garden is laid out like a Celtic knot, of different kinds of boxwood - the light ones are variegated (white variegated) boxwood. Verey wrote several garden books where there are good pattern descriptions for knot gardens.

Image source

Travel with us to the world's most beautiful gardens!

2. Knot the garden with lavender

Knot garden made of lavender, both trimmed and free-growing.

The inner knots are trimmed hard to keep the shape, but the foliage still smells aromatic. Free-growing lavender, which is allowed to bloom, frames and highlights the knot block.

Image source

Genuine knot garden with herbs

Knot garden in the garden Filoli, Woodside, California.

A beautiful knot garden with braids of herbs consisting of lavender, hyssop and gray saint Santolina chamaecyparissus. The red barberry really lifts the planting to whole new heights.

Image source

4. Knot garden with barberry and sage

Different-colored shrubs form the knot pattern and frame the spice sage in this knot garden.

The knots consist of different colored boxwood and red barberry. Berberis thunbergii 'Trivia' is a low-growing compact barberry, which hardly needs to be pruned, but there are more varieties in the Red-leafed Group. In the spaces you can see different herbs, among others spice sage 'Tricolor'.

Image source

5. Knot the garden with braided boxwood

Knot gardens with braided boxwood.

To the left, boxwood knots can be seen Washington Old Hall in Tyne and Wear, England. The hedges were planted in 1985, and are mowed once a year by volunteers. To the right is the knot garden of boxwood at Losse Castle in Thonac, France, surrounded by showy roses.

Image source: Left and Right

6. Small knot garden for relaxation

Nice patterns with boxwood and herbs.

Cute pattern of boxwood, oregano and lavender. During the season when the herbs start to bloom, the garden changes shape.

Image source

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Plan a rose discount

Placement of a new rose bed If a new rose bed is to be built, it should be placed a good distance from the walkway or other place where you often walk in the winter or where the snow is shoveled away.. The frost is always much harder in such places, and the roses are unfortunately very difficult to overwinter in just over half of our country and difficult to overwinter in three quarters of the country. It's time to dream and plan. What are we going to do to renew the garden this year? Why not give the roses a beauty boost? By: Lisa Winnerlid, ViV No. 3 2007, March 13, 2007. Print. Share. Print. Roses can actually look pathetic, especially if they stand alone in bare soil, which is common

Rosrabatten's facility and care - Gröna rade

  1. Perennials can be composed based on style, color, function, care requirements, seasonal aspects and much more. Here are suggestions for discount compositions to be inspired by. No matter what style ideal you follow and what goal you have with your discount, remember to choose plants that suit the conditions at the site.
  2. Home / Enjoy the summer / Plan for roses of different sl Plan for roses of different kinds. On: May 25 Author: dan Categories: Enjoy the summer. complicated to create a portal filled with beautiful red climbing roses such as Flamentanz or a magnificent rose bed in different colors
  3. Has a rose flowerbed that looks a bit sparse, partly because some roses have been removed during the winter. Want to plant in some other plants to get it a little fuller. Which perennials go well with roses? / Christina at Österlen. Answer: There are any number of perennials to plant with roses
  4. Forget about roses and perpetual pest control. Here are the best expert tips for you who dream of a flamboyant rose garden. 1. Plant on new fresh soil 2. Fertilize in the spring and.
  5. house wall facing south, what should I think about? Are roses often affected by pests and if you want ground cover, you can have it or you should lay cover bark. though I have formed I read that roses do not like mulch

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  • A garden architect always starts by making plans for the garden. A clear map that shows what is there today, what will be in the future and what will be gone. The drawings are valuable aids, whether the end goal is a completely new garden or to continue working with the one you already have. Careful planning saves time, money and mistakes
  • Geraniums are relatively inexpensive plants and are used by many as a wear-and-tear plant over the summer. But many varieties are well worth trying to overwinter. On the one hand, they can become even bigger next season and they also get a character that only an older plant can give. See what methods are available
  • Discount suggestions - Compose in a classic way A perennial discount can be composed in any way to your liking and taste, but there are some techniques that make it easier to succeed with the result. No matter what style and expression you are looking for, a well-composed perennial flower bed contains different shapes and colors that emphasize each other in a balanced way. This proposal is a discount.
  • Are you planning your rose discount? Here you get tips on a few different combinations
  • Rosenrabatt - Synonyms and meanings of Rosenrabatt. What does Rosenrabatt mean and examples of how Rosenrabatt is used
  • 184 Likes, 7 Comments - Beata Nison (@beatanison) on Instagram: Dreaming of and planning a rose flowerbed next to the house right now. As long as I can grow roses at a neighbor's

Discount proposal - perennials

  1. First: plan. Think perennials rather than spring flowers this year. Then: think more about the shapes of the plants than about their colors. Sounds weird, but it's not
  2. Planning a rose bed with two climbing roses, 'Sympathy' and a honey rose. What summer plants / perennials can I put in front of the roses because the roses are often ugly at the bottom? Preferably rabbit and deer safe plants. Do you have a list of such plants? Mvh Mary. Odla Answers: Hi
  3. Here I helped the customer to plan a rose flowerbed by displaying the roses (the empty pots show peonies that are already in the flower bed) and perennials between them. This discount had to be a sight for gods! In two parts, 7+ 4 m with many bush roses. Most rooted Canadian and all hardy. When the placement was complete, the customer only needed to Continue reading Quick Design
  4. Plan your garden. Posted on November 23, 2011 by Garden with a View. Your garden rooms now have a function and theme and you know at a glance where the seats, corridors, plantings and walls should be. Our slightly messy rose discount
  5. Here I helped the customer to plan a rose flowerbed by displaying the roses (the empty pots show peonies that are already in the flower bed) and perennials between them. This discount had to be a sight for gods! In two parts, 7+ 4 m with many bush roses. Most rooted Canadian and all hardy. When the placement was complete, the customer only needed to take photos and then go home and plant

The perennial flower bed is created with plants that bloom at different times, or even better: with perennials that bloom all summer. Clematis, especially the large-flowered varieties, want good access to water and nutrients. They thrive best in well-drained, soil-mixed, nutritious and moisturizing (but not wet) soil Rose discount on Rågångsvägen. Garden representative: Jan-Olov Kevemyr. Submitted by: Jan-Olov Kevemyr

During the late summer we bought our first house with a wonderful rose discount under the kitchen window. But it is not very well maintained considering that they have not cut the roses for quite some time. They are very wild and they cover a large part of our kitchen windows. Roses - Buy garden roses and soil at Plantagen Tips for planting Care advice Guarantee on garden plants Low price Weed-free rose discount? 25 Oct, 2020 1 Storage of dahlia bulbs 25 Oct, 2020 1 What is the plant in the picture? Oct 23, 2020 2-Sunny for Hydrangeas? 21 Oct, 2020 1 Klätterbenved emerald gaitey 16 Oct, 2020 1 Akleja i clay soil 15 Oct, 2020 1 tip about suitable evergreen plant 15 Oct, 2020 has an old rose flowerbed with flowerbeds, 'Peace' and others, some of which are fairly newly planted . They do not seem to feel well and the flowering is very poor or completely absent. What can I do to get flowering roses? I hart put on fertilizer and new soil when transplanting. /Charles. Answer: I suspect they are nematodes. Plan the rose bed. March Feeding babies Baby bubble. April Rose discount, planting Plant in the garden land Send out the baptismal invitation. May Paving around the patio at the front Plan the baptism party. June-July-August Holidays Infant baptism Possible trip to friends in the usa

In addition, there is a rose flowerbed facing the street left and a lot of bulbs, which stand out a bit everywhere and give flower splendor early every spring, says Katarina. Different kinds of fragrant petunias are found in many places in this garden. Dahlia - one of the favorites in the discounts Label: plan. How to plant a spice garden Part 1. Published February 15, 2012 January 9, 2020 by Björn. Medieval monastery gardens always had an herb garden for medicinal plants and fragrant herbs for food, which were also grown inside the monastery walls. At Ulriksdal Castle Garden, Tina Ahlin meets a rose expert who gives advice on what to think about when planning your rose flowerbed. There will be a number of tips that everyone has to do with roses - both how to fight pests and fungi in an environmentally friendly way and what you can do for goodies of the flower By gradually planning for the right rose in the right place, you avoid being seduced at the nursery . Starting to prepare a rose bed a year before is no wonder for David Carlson, who is happy to pay tribute to the praise of slowness in the garden. Large-flowered flowerbed with strong, dense, upright growth habit. Plant as a solitary, in groups and in a pot. Nice as a cut flower. Blooms profusely in full sun. The flowers are double, 10-15 cm in diameter and fit well to the cut

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  1. Planning a new rose discount this year! Has a rocky area with an incredible number of different plants, beautiful but oh so difficult to get in order. Consider putting white and pink roses with a framing of edge mustard
  2. Thought to make a rose flowerbed along our newly built terrace and am hungry for pink roses. Know that there is a beautiful pink rose that is quite small and is called type Fairy or something like that. Can such a type of rose thrive in a southwestern location? It is sunny from kl. 12 and until the sun goes down
  3. It was not at all the intention to make a new discount a few weeks ago, especially not as I dug about it as late as last year, but it can be .. I have for a long time been dissatisfied with our Rosenrabatt which is south facing out towards the street
  4. from year to year. Tips and recipes for what we do with what is harvested can also be found here. Our place on earth is in southern Småland.
  5. from year to year

Lavender is very suitable as a low-growing hedge and as an edge plant in, for example, a rose bed. Planning and composing with perennials Perennials are the garden's jewelery. With a little clever planning, you get the discount to sparkle all summer long without much need for care Planning a house building can take all the energy and time and energy and money. Once the house is there and the disaster is a fact, ie you only have one construction site to have coffee, all grass is gone (if there was something from the beginning ie) all bushes are cut off, all trees are leaning in the direction the excavator last passed, THEN to deal with starting to plan a garden Time-out PC hassle made me defy the quarantine recommendations for us 70 plus. One of the sweatiest days of the year, I went out into the hustle and bustle of the crowd in our center. Got the PC repaired and was able to return to quarantine. Could state that that from a distance did not apply here. Our rose garden right now Practical mini furniture At Ikea I have found the ultimate

Nice friends in the rose flowerbed Trädgårdsexperten Sv

Planning a new rose discount this year! Has a rocky area with an incredible number of different plants, beautiful but oh so difficult to get in order. Consider putting white and pink roses with a framing of edge mustard. Kantnepeta: Thinking about the following new pink roses, gladly choose Canadian because they seem to thrive in Bälinge oxå GOOD AND MIXED. Leif König, sometimes called Kiwi, is an old acquaintance of Pettersson. We grew up on the same streets and did things together in our previous lives. Leif is a writer, journalist and writer and well-liked for his series in various newspapers. Now Kiwi has published another kåseri on König Online .. Rosenrabatt. Click on the image to see Visiting an Artistic Garden Part 1! Edge grass in backlight. Click on the image to see Visiting an Artistic Garden Part 2! Oriental poppy. Romantic. Click on the image to see the post! Star cluster. Solhem. Bumblebee. Scented lily Reason synonym, another word for reason, What does the word, explanation, variants, inflection, pronunciation of reason reason reasoned reasoned (verb). Solve crossword puzzles, find words with similar or the same meaning. Search 91,000 words and 39,000 synonyms to plan your best friend's wedding. without their knowledge .. Tips needed !! Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:22 pm Read 7328 times Total 70 answers. pinguu. Show only Mon 11 Mar 2013 15:22.

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I have actually planted a new rose bed myself and it is up by the patio, east of the veranda, where there used to be a teardrop-shaped spice plantation. Digged away all the spices (even though arugula salad seems to have taken hold and does not want to remove) and replaced the soil with many bags of planting soil and rose soil Sv: Inspiration and pepper wire! * at * Today I cut the potatoes the first time. Libstick and oregano have dried completely so they are scratched and packed for the winter dinners: d A little more oregano should be cut in when it blooms so I can dry the flowers too :) Otherwise I enjoy ..

Rose discount, check. Saturday night, sunny and a bit too much mosquitoes but we worked on projects discount for roses. We intend to fix this surface for as long as they like. For two years there has been a high peat block, stones, litter bed and soil from the greenhouse's beds. I have planned the Christmas food (but muuuums as good as it will be), baked crackers and just myst as you do on Saturdays. Have the best of Saturday nights now! hug. Julia. Read more: Life in the country Greenhouse 4 comments. My new rose discount and a shock start to the day! Flowers Home Garden July 13, 2015 8:36 PM. This spring so. Age: 26. Family: Cohabitant André Hjalmarsson, 30, the dog Dina, baby on the way. Profession: Frida is a graphic designer and illustrator and runs her own webshop at André is self-employed in construction and industrial welding. Lives: In a newly renovated fisherman's villa from 1903 on 170 square meters in Krokås, Sölvesborg municipality. Instagram: @ Blog: frida.homespo.s

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  1. With a garden, it is the case that half the fun is to plan and seek inspiration. And I will do that for a while to come. A picture from Kubota Garden. This tree, From the rose arch to the fence I will make a rose bed on each side where I will put roses that have the same name as us in the family
  2. rose discount where Terese and Louise Bugnet thrive together with Morden Blush and two Venusta Pendula and a rose whose name I do not know. I love roses. Thank goodness for Roskraft in Österlen, where you can buy rooted, Canadian roses and they thrive very well here in Norrland
  3. Yes, at least one hopes that spring will eventually appear. Although I soon start to doubt: crazy: But, in a positive spirit .. Do you have any ..
  4. I've even packed. The package consists mostly of books that I want to read. I'm going to sit under a big umbrella and just enjoy life. Of course there are lots of projects that I can do such as painting windows, building another compost, sewing new curtains, planting and planning a rose bed and oiling porch floors

. In a well-maintained association, this home is 53.9 square meters with a lovely .. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's.

Draw an outline plan and plan your garden All about

One rose discount and other ornamental shrubs protect against transparency. The toilet on the first floor is furnished with plastic wallpaper on the wall, plastic carpet on the floor in a green tone and houses a toilet, sink and mirror. On the second floor there are two bedrooms, of which the south has access to a balcony and the north has a spacious walk-in closet. If this had been a difficult-to-grow rarity, I'm sure you would have liked it too. But unlike the trillium in the previous post .. Page på svenska> Starts and ends with seeds. Seeds that I placed in the cold garage over the winter and which germinated despite darkness and cold. Then at the beginning of the year I think there were some pioneers. Now 2 pots with Codonopsis clematidea that give me a little headache Are you planning your rose discount? Here you get tips on a few different combinations. +3. Cillas Garden in Torhamn. July 4, 2019 · It is in full bloom in the garden! Welcome to botanize among all the roses, we are open during Torhamn's market this weekend. +3. Cillas Trädgård in Torhamn EVERYTHING is to be investigated and they have learned a lot. For example, they have learned to walk up stairs (up to our terrace), and to jump down from it in a rose bed. They have learned to look for strawberries in the pot with strawberry plants and that you can plan when you want to do something. I have to say that this is an unusually smart litter

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We are gradually building up a commercial garden in Torhamn. We who are behind are Cecilia Hjelmberg who trained as a gardener in Skärva in 2007 and her husband Calle Möller. We are open on weekends and after increasing Plan the garden for spring dinbuilders. grow plant plants garden, inspiration tests help tools rake shovel secateurs prune furniture decoration lighting Italian Heather Plant Care it in a plant tray just as you would plant an Italian heather flowers in the garden can be a good This is the blog about the Carlsson family's fate and adventures. In the Carlsson family there are Jocke and Susanne, Vilhelm, Axel and Alida and much of our time is spent traveling, planning trips and thinking about trips we have been on. A favorite with me now and for many months to come, is to cook colorful smoothies. The kids and husband love it too. This. With a dollop of quark / yoghurt, banana, orange and lots of forest raspberries (these are fortunate enough to be picked in our freezer, you understand.)

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  • In the post, Adlinks in collaboration with Skånska Byggvaror Today I had intended to write a little about my wonderful orangery. How we use it and what's cold to think about if you yourself are in the process of buying or building [
  • Lapland Gardening »page 9. Welcome! What fun that you just found here. Warmly welcome to botanize among flowers and leaves in a mountainous perspective
  • so that we can plan the day in 2021. 3 Patrik stepped into a completely new position at Salabostäder at the end of May. Now there is a communicator with lawn and a sweet rose bed. At the back, it is carefully measured where the plot boundary goes and a small fence is set up
  • 2018-May-24 - Explore Johanna Hallqvist's bulletin board White discount on Pinterest. View more ideas about Perennials, Plants, Garden
  • There are currently no decided, planned or necessary increases in the monthly fees, according to the board (2019-01-30). Very nice, quiet and lush courtyard with, among other things, a large nice rose bed and several groups of outdoor furniture
  • time to plan the big day of autumn. On October 4, 2008, we celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day for the tenth time. Bulldagen was born in 1999 (and thus actually turns only 9 years old but fi race for the 10th time this year), in connection with the Home Baking Council's 40th anniversary. This autumn, we will return with a cinnamon bun design competition for school students
  • 2016-Mar-07 - Explore YogaSophia Andersson's bulletin board Johanna & Niklas on Pinterest. View more ideas about Garden, Meadow garden, Scandinavian architecture

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  1. They are real hardcore fans, who plan to go to all 28 concerts in the farewell tour. Now they hope to experience a parade in the style of the farewell video that Kent posted on social media earlier this spring. On stage, a whole rose discount grows, and on a canvas, the album cover is projected
  2. It suited you well with a rose discount) Pia Anonymous [email protected] tag:, 1999: 2010-10-14T16: 00: 25.936 + 02: 00 2010-10-14T16 : 00: 25.936 + 02: 0
  3. This is one of Täby's most spectacular accommodations in terms of location, facilities on offer and how well thought out the house is. It offers everything from a magnificent view from panoramic windows out over the neighborhood, fireplace, a large pool area, terrace and terrace and carport. However, it is the details of the house that make this house something extra
  4. Also read about life with neighbors, plan a rose discount, learn how to wash the car properly and in an environmentally friendly way and look into the celebrity confectioner Roy Fares. Very nice reading wishes

Premiere for Floral Friday THEME - Garden 2014 The rose flowerbed that I started with this autumn will be a priority in the garden in 2014 .. Blog 2005-2018. Go to content. Home Press Archive. Today's Christmas question 2009 Our cats Today's report from Stenstug Now the trees are blooming! From the balcony I have a wonderful view of 'Valdemar', a multiflora hybrid that is becoming more and more common in the trade. Re .. How wide must a rose discount be? Phiplex: Thanks again Farzan. Now I will go out and give instructions to the digger so he plans the plot as we want it, so I do not have to run around with a shovel and wheelbarrow all autumn and half the spring. Thanks again for the quick answers! Sheltered place to rest Rose bed Sandbox Shaded seating Shrub of various shrubs Trampoline Sun terrace Stone area Playhouse Large stone Woodland Toy storage Patio in the evening sun Solitaire tree / shrub Tree hut Patio in the midday sun Tree grove Solid structures Patio in the morning sun Pond with aquatic plants

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  • I am at my best planning broad flowerbeds along our gravel path up to the glass veranda, and am looking for a white, sun-loving and drought-resistant perennial. Rose discount. Click on the image to see Visiting an Artistic Garden Part 1! Edge grass in backlight
  • a blog about our garden

a green oasis in everyday life. The sunbed, our eighth and largest raised bed, is located on the south side of the house with a protective brick wall behind

  • All of SvD's unintended crossword puzzles remain on the same days as today. Gert Lindmark writes to Språkspalten and takes up the composition rose discount, which was actualized when he came across the word rose discount in a crossword puzzle. - Genealogy is a wonderful combination of solving crossword puzzles and. Crosswords and Alphabet fans
  • Dreaming of and planning a rose discount next door right now

    • rose discount, the choice fell on that particular color scale and I do not regret it. There are lots of roses in this beautiful color. I've had the Lion Gap Twinny Peach and an apricot marigold underneath, and it's fit perfectly
    • world of beautiful things, interior design dreams, projects, flea market finds, beauty, country life, goodies, pillows in abundance, clothes, flowers.
    • How heavenly good it was with the new rose bed! I have been a bit cowardly and only dug for the edges of the plot before, but now that I have overcome that fear, it feels like I just want to dig loose everywhere.

    Create the dream discount - easier than you think! Evening papers

    Order Rabattros ROSEN TANTAU Pink x hybrid Lovely Rococo pot packed at! Always high quality at a constantly low price. The construction industry's most satisfied customers. Large DIY stores with Drive-in 5 posts published by mittlivharochnu in the category Summer-18. 38-year-old mother of two who tackles everyday life with a wonderful husband, our two miracle girls, dog and house Order Shrub ROSEN TANTAU Pink x hybrid Sapphire pot packed at! Always high quality at a constantly low price. The construction industry's most satisfied customers. Large hardware store with Drive-in

    To show That Paving. by Emmeli | Jun 18, 2016 | Norra Drömgården, Garden, Veranda. Oh no, do not be fooled. Here is a bunch of pictures I snapped this evening, when the light was so June magic and me and the man were out and together set up Sweden's leading media site - Svenska Dagbladet's news site allows readers to take a seat and deepens the news with blogs, web TV and image specials. Now sleep starts early tomorrow have the Swedish Media Database (SMDB) - TV4 plus 2004-08-21--2004-08-22. Swedish equestrian and equestrian magazine from 2003. Here are concrete tips, facts and inspiration

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    • 2018-May-24 - Explore Johanna Hallqvist's bulletin board White discount on Pinterest. View more ideas about Plants, Perennials, Garden
    • dre extra laundry
    • Stubbornness and a desire for experimentation characterize Ingmar Lindqvist's great interest in roses. Here he shares his best methods that he has developed over almost 30 years as a hobby grower
    • Usually, the rose park, ie the park area between Porvoo Gymnasium and Lyceiparken's school, is filled with floral splendor at this time of year. This year, the precious roses are blooming very poorly
    • excuse is that the blog will work as
    • Thea Unicorn is sitting in a white-painted wicker chair with a floral pillow. Behind her blooms a rose flowerbed that frames the brick villa in Gamla Lerberget, which is her parents' home

    Your garden is amazing! I would need to get away and buy some onions this weekend, I figured. And IKEA, was a while since last)
    Yes, our spa bath is really a real relaxation in life Yes, time is probably the only ones who have time to go, or how they would be now. Yes it has happened a lot since I had time to write last, the puppies have grown up and moved away from home, so now it's empty here :( ♥ My puppies, always hard to separate from them. But they are as they should be

    Video: Quick design - Garden design, cultivation, flowers, houses and he

    The struggle to not be the same as everyone else was shown by various shrubs and flowers, birdbaths and lanterns, a little elf in a rose bed. In some of the houses you could get a clue about those who lived there through a children's bicycle thrown on the lawn, a forgotten sledge or military straight flowerbeds and ruffles in shiny clean windows, while others were completely everyday As I said, after winter comes spring and for that I plan not least now! Photographed by the packaging of the Tulips and they are now below. At the top you see the Hybrid Tulip which will be about 30-40 cm high and will bloom in April-May

    Swedish media database (SMDB) - TV4 2016-04-26. Jack and the team are looking for a businessman who has disappeared after checking in on a flight for the eye and easy to place. After the summer, it's nice to fill up. the pots with hardy evergreens. shrubs and, for example, heather. Me I've been thinking about this for quite some time. And with brask because this is a post that can probably be misinterpreted and misunderstood, I still want to write it. Mostly for those I met who do not get it together. Do not get together the image of all health role models and reality. Do you know what it is because in most cases it does not go together. It is often not as simple as it is painted. .

    2 Nov -07 The Bible says much that is more than current, even what will happen in the future. One of the words that you can see some of now but which was not visible when it was drawn down is from Revelation 13: 14-18 in the Bible Here you search for books and other media. Du kan också söka efter bibliotek, evenemang och övrig information om Stockholms stadsbibliotek , som grävdes vintern 2000-01 och lära oss hur man gör det, lära oss om växter i och kring dammen och om hur man planterar och sköter dem Muffin har börjat löpa, vilket gör att allt vi planerat in, kurs, uppvisning och första tävlingen, blir inställt. (För er som inte är hundfolk: Löptikar fÃ¥r inte vara med, för dÃ¥ blir alla hanhundar som tokiga, och kan inte koncentrera sig pÃ¥ det de ska göra.

    Nyheter! - Medborgarskola Ja, jo det måste jag medge Solen strålar och ger den lust till både aktiviteter både ute och inne, trots alla restriktioner. Tänka först och göra sedan känns i dessa tider som en bra devis.Att hålla avstånd och undvika folksamlingar är lätt sagt och gjort, men visst saknar man den normala del av tillvaron som innebär umgänge med andra 1946 deltog min far i en förnödenhetstransport till Wien. Staden bjöd då på kaffe på Kahlenberg. Gör ett besök på samma plats. Annars bland annat caféer, Hundertwasserhaus, Stephansdomen, Gustav Klimt och en rosenträdgård De är planerade till innerväggarna medan fönsterväggen troligen blir putsad. Lägger tillbaka Tretex i facken mellan bjälkarna och frångår sedan traditionen och målar bjälkarna. I Gröna rummet blir det pappspänt i taket och i hallen/köket pärlspont

    I dag fick vi ett snabbt möte med Rask, Muffins mamma, och Ãse, hennes uppfödare, när de passerade längs Västkusten. Roligt att se dem. Rask är verkligen en mycket fin tik! Muffin tittade pÃ¥ Nelly hellre än i kameran sÃ¥ jag fick inte till bilden sÃ¥ bra På Vetenskapsradion igår pratade de om sukralos och närmare bestämt en studie som genomförts på i och för sig bananflugor och möss- men ändå. Det försvarare av sötningsmedel ofta kör med som argument är att: * det inte leder till ökad konsumtion av söta livsmedel * det inte påverkar insulinkänsligheten Men i den här studien har man visat att Sukralos funkar så som. Längtan får oss att skapa, att uttrycka oss, i ord, musik, dans eller arkitektur. Eller i vad som helst som vi har håg och fallenhet för, som att anlägga en rosenrabatt eller laga en utsökt måltid, skapa kläder eller ett nytt sätt att leva. Och låt oss aldrig ge upp, utan tro att det är möjligt att en gång uppnå målet

    . Nytt för i år är planterandet av en så kallad knot garden. Konstnärlig ledare för hela projektet är sedan förra sommaren tv-kändisen John Taylor Pappa flyttade rosor som ska ner i vår rosenrabatt. Under kastanjen, vid det allra minsta bordet delades sanningar. Och förmodligen ett och annat påhitt också. Tur att mamma hade bakat en massa goda sockerkakor. Back to work. Kärlekspilar var det. Isa och Ella. Batman dagen till ära. Det är en fröjd att plåta Numero 74´s. Så här långt så var inget planerat utan det blev lite av ett spontanköp, men längs med vägen föddes idén på att bygga ett däck och bygga in spa:t i det. Däcket är nu grovklart och jag kan därför ägna lite tid till att skriva om mina erfarenheter och lägga ut bilder. Alltid kan det tjäna som inspiration till någon

    Goda recept och tankar om familj, träning och livet

    Fem dagar i fjällen utan att ha åkt årets första skidtur. Min kropp skriker av längtan efter skidåkning och lyckan över all snö. Efter att ha haft influensa, eller förkylning eller vad det nu varit för märklig sjuka som gjort mig utslagen i över en och en halv vecka, kunde jag idag inte hålla mig längre. Bära eller brista – nu ville jag bara ut i skidspåren. Inatt har det snöat och under dagen tittade solen fram. Många snorsnytarpauser och en skidtur i stilla mak, men oj vad underbart det var att komma igång igen.


    Medlemmar emellan

    En stor rosenälskare

    En stor rosenälskare har gått ur tiden mitt i rosornas tid.
    Claes Hilmersson var med vid bildandet av Kungsbacka Trädgårdsvänner och sedan dess aktiv i föreningen på många sätt. Han delade gärna med sig av sin kärlek och kunskap om rosorna och visade oss runt i Rosenträdgården.

    Nu har vi kvar minnet av allt detta.

    Kära trädgårdsbesökare – fåglarna

    Söndagen var en grå och regnig dag, men sticklinggruppen fann färgen i trädgården. Vi samlades för att prata om olika fåglar och vad de tycker om att äta. Barnen tyckte att de frusna torkade maskarna var coola … mumsiga … .inte så mycket. Varje barn byggde och målade ett fågelhölk för att ta hem med dem. Vi hoppas att några fjädrade vänner kommer att flytta in snart.

    Text och bild Julie Matthews

    Magnoliaföredrag 22 mars
    I torsdags hade trädgårdsvännerna ordnat ett föredrag med den mycket kunniga Lennart Söderberg, Uppsala. Han har tillsammans med Ann-Marie Åsheden gett ut den stora och fina boken Magnolia som är slut på förlaget. Hemsid.

    Lennart lämnade mängder av information om Magnolier.

    • De första exemplaren utvecklades för ca 110 milj år sedan. Då fanns inga bin så magnolier pollineras av insekter.
    • Idag finns magnolier naturligt i Amerika (sommarblommande) och sydostasien (mest vårblommande).
    • Exempel på härdiga arter för Sverige är tex M.cylindrica, M. sieboldii och M.kobus (helst förädlade sorter).
    • Idag är det framförallt hybrider som passar bra i Sverige tex Merril, Galaxy och Lilii Diva.
    • För att undvika barksprängning kan man linda aluminiumfolie runt stammen. För att underlätta upptaget av järn kan man vattna med en svag lösning av oxalsyra.

    Text Göran Andersson, bild Ingrid Lindskog

    Träff med nya medlemmar

    Den 14 mars träffades vi på ABF, några från styrelsen och några av våra nya medlemmar. Styrelsen informerade om vem vi är, vad vi gör, våra ambitioner och visioner i föreningen. Vi berättade om våra aktivagrupper och betydelsen av deras arbete. Det blev också information om Riksförbundet Svensk trädgård och vad man kan få hjälp och råd därifrån. Vi hade diskussioner om våra trädgårdar och gav exempel på trevlig litteratur och olika informationskanaler inom trädgård. Mötet skall följas upp med ett gemensamt trädgårdsbesök senare under våren.

    Årsmötet 2018

    I pausen bjöds det på goda bagels, kaffe/te och kakor.

    Gästföreläsare efter pausen var Inger Palmstierna, trädgårdsmästare, författare, trädgårdsskribent, fotograf och tillika vice ordförande i Svensk Trädgård. Hon berättade om och visade bilder på sommarblommor, olika kombinationer och samplanteringar. Vi fick höra om hennes favoriter och hur man tänker för längsta blomning i sina krukor och rabatter.

    Arts & Crufts på Tjolöholm

    Föreläsning John Taylor den 20 februari. En fullbokad och populär föreläsning. Vinnarna var på plats och sålde lotter.

    Ämnet var Arts&Craft på Tjolöholm. John Taylor berättade om arbetet med att bygga upp en Knot Garden efter gamla ritningar av arkitekten Lars Israel Wahlman som också var den som ritade slottet.

    En Knot Garden formas av tuktade låga häckar av olika sorter i ett geometriskt mönster. I mellanrummen planteras bl a kryddväxter. Då denna Knot Garden troligen denna aldrig blev gjord och träd och buskar i omgivande miljö har förändrats över hundra år, så är det en utmaning att få den som det var tänkt.

    Även på andra håll i parken arbetas det med restaureringar. Esters hus i allmogebyn håller på att renoveras, liksom tillhörande trädgård.

    För er som inte hade möjlighet att vara med kan jag rekommendera att läsa på Tjolöholms hemsida, eller varför inte göra ett besök och följa uppbyggnaden av Knot Garden.

    Text och bild Ingrid Lindskog

    Fröbytardagen på Fyren
    Nu när ljuset återkommer börjar man längta efter att det också ska börja växa ute. Vi tjuvstartade med Fröbytardag på Fyren lördagen 3 februari. Många lämnade in frön från blommor och grönsaker som de antingen fått över, eller odlat med framgång och tagit egna frön av. Mycket spännande att leta i. Ovanliga växter man aldrig hört talas om (Vargtass? Ballongblomma? Chili Numex?)
    Köksträdgårdsgruppen arrangerade fröbytardagen. Vi hoppas att det ska växa fint för alla som var där. Tillsammans var vi ca 40-45 personer, allt från gråhåriga veteraner till nya små trädgårdsodlare i förskoleåldern.

    Bild Julie Matthews, text Gunilla Jansson

    Jordnära studiecirkel

    Vår jordnära studiecirkel.

    Köksträdgårdsgruppen ordnade en studiecirkel om jord vintern 2016/2017.
    Ett viktigt underlag var skrifterna “Lär känna jorden” och “Växtbiologi” från Svensk Trädgård.

    Vi var ca 10 anmälda och alla 4 träffarna var på ABF.

    Första gången tog alla med sig egen jord som vi jämförde och “klämde” på. Allt från lera till sand.
    Sen hade vi hjälp av Einar som gjorde fantastiska intressanta föredrag om vad jorden består av och dess egenskaper mm. Vi diskuterade även en “riktig” jordanalys som gjorts i en trädgård i Onsala bla kadmium och fosfat.

    • Jordars uppkomst och grundtyper.
    • Kornstorlekar och pH.
    • Näringsämnen
    • Mineraljord-Organiska jordar-Kompostjord

    Alla kursdeltagare var mycket nöjda med studiecirkeln.

    “I bra jord växer det överallt”

    Året i köksträdgården på Pensionat Strandkullen

    Ett femtiotal trädgårdsvänner välkomnas av en nyttig och välsmakande nässelshot när de anländer till Strandkullens Pensionat i Onsala för att lyssna på Tyra Hallsenius Linde och Året i köksträdgården.

    Tänk att leva i odlingslådan hela året om! Att börja i januari med att titta i frökataloger, skissa upp hur odlingen ska se ut, planera vilka grödor som ska odlas detta år, börja sätta fröer och ta sticklingar i februari, förbereda jorden, förgro potatisen och skörda jordärtskockan Bianca i mars, omskola plantorna i april, baka en ogräspaj i maj, så bondbönan Hang Down och lägga med dragon i vinäger i juni, ……….

    Ja, man har faktiskt fullt upp hela året om, om man är en passionerad odlare som Tyra! Och en seedaholic, som Tyra kallar sig!

    Tyra Hallsenius Lindhe tar sig ända från Waxholm till Strandkullens Pensionat i Onsala för att lotsa oss trädgårdsvänner genom hela odlingsåret. Med personlighet och charm delar Tyra med sig av sina kunskaper och knep. Jag som älskar sallad av alla de slag tänker testa Tyras förslag på salladsodling på bord eller någon form av ställning (Tyra har själv hittat en gammal piskställning som fungerar som salladsbord) med fat, kapillärmatta och korgar med jord i. Både enkelt, praktiskt och ger god skörd.

    Tyra berättar om sin Valentin-sådd. Den 14 februari på Valentindagen sätter Tyra sina första fröer och sedan är odlandet igång. Etiketter är viktigt. Så man vet vad man har sått. Jag missade detta själv förra året. En salig röra bland mina pumpor, squash och gurkplantor. Med växelbruk och samplantering – morötter, lök, sallad, blommor och örter – får man en frisk jord och växter tåliga mot skadeangrepp. Majs, bönor och squash/pumpa trivs ihop. Den biologiska mångfalden är viktig. Tyra blandar vilt, strikt vilt, säger hon.

    Tyra talar också om täckodling och “No dig” som är ett bekvämt sätt att odla på då du inte gräver i marken. Kända engelska odlare och författare som Ruth Stout, “Gardening without Work”, och Charles Dowding, “Organic Gardening” är favoritförfattare som framgångsrikt odlar sin mark med täckodling och utan att gräva.

    Efter föreläsningen välkomnas gästerna ner i Strandkullens Restaurang där
    kocken Anders och “hovmästare” Marga har komponerat en härlig skördemeny.

    En ljuvlig Jordärtkockssoppa med Ramslöksolja och surdegsbröd. Gott vin till den som önskade. Till dessert Varité på Rabarber. Och så en god kopp kaffe. Kan det bli bättre?!

    Välgörande shot av nässlor och kirskål
    1 dl färska nässelblad
    1 dl färsk kirskål
    1 dl vatten
    1 tsk honung
    1–2 msk citronsaft
    ½ tsk färsk, riven ingefära

    Skölj nässlorna och rensa bort skräp och grova stjälkar
    Lägg alla ingredienserna i mixer, eller använd mixerstav. Mixa så att örterna finfördelas
    Häll vätskan genom en sil, och smaksätt med citron och honung.
    Drick en liten hutt dagligen i ett par veckor. Den håller ca 4 dagar i kylskåp. Man kan också frysa in saften i iskuber att använda vid behov.

    Knot garden eller knutträdgård – vad är det? - garden

    Under vår Englandsresa i slutet av april förra året gjorde jag och vännerna ett besök på Hampton Court Palace. Det var framför allt alla parker och trädgårdar jag ville se. Och eftersom det fanns en häftig labyrint fick jag även sällskap av de minst trädgårdsintresserade i sällskapet.

    Trädgårdarna och parkerna ligger utspridda runt hela slottet och innehåller allt från herbarium med tusentals blommande narcisser på våren till formella trädgårdar med parterrer och fontäner.

    Var vi än rörde oss blommade det. Körsbär, apel, magnolia. Ja, till och med kamelia. Så underbart att
    bara gå och ta in allt det härliga när det knappt kommit upp krokus hemma.

    I den gigantiska parken på baksidan av slottet öppnade sig en stor yta med väldiga cypresser, mängder av tulpanplanteringar, dammar och långa stigar. För att få en helhet över området fanns det möjlighet att åka häst med vagn.

    När vi hade vilat lite tog vi oss an de mer formella trädgårdarna. Här fanns en liten "knot garden" med lavendel och andra kryddväxter och en enorm formklippt trädgård, "the privy garden".

    Jag rekommenderar varmt ett besök på Hampton Court! Men se till att vara där tidigt. Och ta en hel dag på er. Även fast vi gick och gick och gick så hann vi inte se allt. Missa för guds skull inte puben utanför området, The Mute Swan!

    Avslutar med min favoritvy på det nästan utblommade blåregnet i bakgrunden och delar av "the knot garden" i förgrunden. Hoppas ni stod ut med det här lååånga inlägget. Men ni vet hur det är. Svårt att välja bara några bilder .

    Och nu fick jag reselängtan också.

    Ha en finfin onsdagskväll!

    7 kommentarer:

    Härligt med lite vårinspiration från England! :) Me like.
    Kram Kristina

    Så himla underbart ställe!
    Favoritbilden för mig var den på rabatten som du sen tog en selfie över. Grymt vackert!!

    Och sen blir jag verkligen full av skratt att du tar igen en lång tids icke- bloggande i en hastighet som är galen :D

    Jisses vilket blå regn, och allt annat också. Mycket att ta in bara på de där bilderna.

    Härliga bilder. Tackar för det var precis vad jag behövde en snöig februarimorgon. Stilla längtan efter vår.

    Den sista vyn blev också min favorit. jag som sällan gillar helt tuktade rum men den här var väldigt vacker :) Tack för jag fick följa med har aldrig varit på Hampton Court. Men börjar få en rejäl 'bucket list' för saker jag vill göra runt om i UK.

    Lucka 24: Trädgårdsföreningen

    En värmande julhälsning från Palmhuset

    Och det hände sig vid den tiden att det i trädgårdsmästare Georg Löwegrens huvud i Trädgårdsföreningen i Göteborg uppstod en idé om att ge stadens invånare en vinterträdgård av det praktfullare slaget.

    Aldrig på dessa breddgrader tidigare skådade växter hämtades hem från hela världen (för så gick det till man tog vad man behövde) för att till bredden och höjden fylla detta palats av glas och gjutjärn, som i sin tur i byggsatsform skeppats ända från Skottland för att uppföras på plats i parken på bara några månader.

    Palmhuset - ett sant underverk!

    Precis som 1878 vill vi ge er världen med en krans av värmande grönska binda samman när och fjärran, minnen från flydda solvarv och hopp om många vackra kommande!

    Video: Great British Garden Revival S03E05 Lavender and Knot Gardens