Tomato salad Fat Jack

 Tomato salad Fat Jack

Among tomato lovers, the Siberian tomato is synonymous with reliability, sustainability and productivity. And if, according to the description, it grows in all regions, then the interest in the variety will be provided. Tomato Fat Jack is one of these.

The history of growing tomato varieties Fat Jack

In relation to tomatoes, two types of summer residents are distinguished. Some have been planting the same varieties for many years, getting a predictable even harvest and delighting households with fresh fruits and harvests. Another group is similar to adventure seekers. They chase novelties, follow the fashion trends of certain producers, and even breeders, test unknown varieties, often disappointed. But if they are lucky, then the joy is comparable to the delight of a pioneer. Tomato variety Fat Jack is the brainchild of successful Siberian breeders Vladimir Nikolaevich Dederko and Olga Valentinovna Postnikova, who introduced it only at the end of 2012.The variety has been included in the State Register since 2014. Tomato Fat Jack is grown outdoors in all regions of Russia, and is successfully cultivated in Ukraine..

Tomato variety Fat Jack can be grown in all regions of Russia

Description of the variety of tomatoes Fat Jack

Tomato bushes Fat Jack are low, up to 60 cm, but rather spreading. The leaves are large. Fruits are medium in size, rounded or flattened-rounded. Unripe tomatoes are light green with a pronounced dark green spot at the base.

On unripe fruits of a tomato Fat Jack, a characteristic spot at the base

The color of ripe tomatoes is of a rich raspberry-red color. The surface of the fruit has a characteristic weak ribbing. The peel is thin. The pulp is dense, fleshy, juicy, with a large number of seed chambers. The taste is harmonious, without excessive sourness, it can compete with the best large-fruited tomato varieties, which is confirmed by the assessment of tasters 4.8 out of 5. The average fruit weight is 175 g.

Tomato pulp Thick Jack fleshy, juicy, with a lot of seed nests

Fresh tomatoes are used in salads. If desired, use in home cooking and harvested for future use.

It is more convenient for me to put different varieties of tomatoes on the blanks. Compact and relatively thick-skinned cream, in my case it is almost always the Shuttle and the Rocket, I fill it with the juice of large-fruited tomatoes. Fat Jack has a clear advantage, since a relatively thin peel does not need to be removed: I immediately scroll in quarters through a meat grinder. I bring the resulting mushy mass to a boil, salt and pour in whole fruits. It remains to sterilize the cans, twist, and delicious tomatoes in their own juice are ready.

Characteristics of the tomato variety Fat Jack

Fat Jack is a determinate tomato variety, that is, with a limited type of growth. Such tomatoes are usually not grown in greenhouses, giving up valuable greenhouse space for indeterminate varieties. Outdoors, the fruits are poured under the sun, saturated with the sweetness and aromas of summer. According to the descriptions of the manufacturers, the Thick Jack is a mid-season tomato, however, depending on the regions and the method of planting, the ripening time can be shortened. The yield reaches 424 kg / ha. The fruits are of high commercial quality.

With the correct management of the bush, a significant harvest of juicy sugary tomatoes is obtained.

According to the reviews of summer residents, the variety is not capricious, painlessly tolerates temperature fluctuations.

Video: an experienced gardener talks about the cultivation of tomatoes Fat Jack

Growing tomato varieties Fat Jack

In the southern regions, this variety can be grown in a seedless way, that is, by directly planting seeds in the ground. Tomatoes will ripen 10-14 days later, but the long summer favors the growth of bushes and the full ripening of tomatoes.

If you plant seeds in open ground, then the harvest will turn out about two weeks later.

But for most regions with unpredictable weather and short summers, the seedling method of cultivating tomatoes is preferable.

Tomatoes Fat Jack are a full-fledged variety, therefore, seeds can be collected and used for sowing in the future.

Unfortunately, you often come across the fact that the seeds presented by different manufacturers differ quite significantly in germination, and the fruits - in shape, color and taste. Getting your own seeds is not easy, but there is a real benefit: the resulting material will be well adapted to local conditions, and properly harvested seeds will ensure that the desired qualities of the tomato are reproduced in future generations.

Depending on the climate and the expected landing date at the end of February or March, they start work. For seedlings:

  1. The seeds are pre-soaked in a solution of a growth stimulator such as Zircon or Epin. After that, they are wrapped in a damp cloth and stored until biting.

    When planting germinated seeds, we discard low-quality

  2. To avoid further diving of seedlings, separate seedling cassettes are prepared. They are filled with a mixture of nutrient soil, humus and sand in a ratio of 2: 2: 1. The substrate is well crushed, watered with Fitosporin solution. They choose 1-2 seeds that have hatched, simultaneously rejecting low-quality ones, put them in cassettes and sprinkle them with 1.5 cm of nutritious soil on top. Cover with a film so that moisture does not evaporate. In the room, until the seedlings germinate, maintain a temperature of 25-28 aboutWITH.

    Planting seeds in seedling cassettes eliminates diving, which is traumatic for the root system of delicate seedlings.

  3. With the appearance of sprouts, the film is removed, the cassettes are transferred to a lighted place, the temperature is gradually lowered to 18-23 aboutC. If necessary, the seedlings are illuminated with phytolamps.

    Illumination with phytolamps is necessary in conditions of insufficient illumination of plants

  4. Two weeks before the expected date of planting, the plants begin to harden. Leave it under an open window, gradually increasing the time of exposure to cold air, put it on the balcony.

    Hardened plants tolerate planting in open ground more easily and do not get sick

  5. In the phase of 6–7 true leaves, the tomatoes are planted in the ground. When planting, they try to deepen the stem, this stimulates the formation of additional roots.

    When planting, the tomato stalk is buried, stimulating the formation of additional roots

The best precursors for tomato are peas, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, green crops. You cannot plant tomatoes in areas where potatoes or other nightshade crops were previously grown.

A gap of 50-60 cm is left between the holes. The beds are oriented from north to south, choosing the most illuminated areas.

When planting, 1 tbsp is added to each hole. l superphosphate and 1 glass of ash. This feeding can provide plants with potassium and phosphorus compounds. Do not get carried away with nitrogen fertilizers, especially manure. Plants overfed with nitrogen are more often affected by late blight. For the prevention of late blight, copper-containing preparations can be used: Bordeaux liquid, 1% copper sulfate solution, spraying the bushes once every two weeks. But there are biological ways to prevent the disease:

  • Enough space is left between the bushes to ensure good aeration and illumination of the plants.
  • Try to avoid over-watering. Waterlogging and sudden changes in temperature provoke the activity of the fungus.
  • Mulch the soil around the bushes with straw or freshly cut grass, stimulating the spread of hay bacillus, a natural antagonist of the late blight pathogen fungus.

Fat Jack bushes are lead in three to five stems. The variety does not need constant pinching, but it is recommended to thin out the foliage under each formed brush. So the fruits will receive adequate nutrition, and the bushes will be better ventilated and illuminated.

Although the plants are not tall, it is worth tying them up, since the abundance of fruits becomes a real test for Fat Jack's shoots.

In order for tomato shoots to withstand the weight of a rich harvest, it is worth tying them up


The dense, fleshy fruits of the Fat Jack with sugary juicy pulp look amazing on the bushes and on the table. Their cultivation is not as difficult as the result of the work is pleasant.

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It's early, fruitful, an indeterminate hybrid of a Dutch breeding tomato. In the middle lane, it is recommended to grow it in a greenhouse.

The bush is powerful, strongly branched, with unlimited growth - sometimes its height reaches 3 meters... The manufacturer recommends forming the plant into 1 stem, removing all lateral shoots.
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The main qualities of the fruit, cutaway photo

photo by Svetlana Kunakovskova

Fruits are round, dense, dark red at maturity, weighing 85-120 grams, are formed on brushes (up to 7 pieces each). These tomatoes are versatile in use - they are suitable both for early fresh salads and for canning and processing into tomato products.

Hybrid advantages: high yield, even beautiful fruits and their excellent taste.

This tomato, like all hybrids, is resistant to diseases such as tobacco mosaic virus, apical rot, late blight, fusarium and cladosporium. The fruit sets well even in cool weather.

This hybrid included in the State Register breeding achievements in the Russian Federation for growing in open ground and unheated film greenhouses.

A site about tomato varieties with true gardeners' reviews - Tomatland.
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Pros and cons of Yamal 200 against the background of similar tomatoes

Many undersized tomatoes have already been created and tested. The strengths and weaknesses of each are known by comparison:

    Early 83 is also a well-known tomato. Like Yamal, it is early ripening, yields fleshy fruits with a classic taste, flattened from the poles. The type of bush, although undersized, is not standard, that is, not so stable and stocky, needs a garter. But the yield is higher, according to official data - 6 kg / m²

Early 83 - also undersized tomato, fruits of classic size and taste, but higher yield of the variety

Moskvich - standard stocky tomato with small fruits

Tomato Big Mom - undersized and large-fruited

Tomato Marusya is a beautiful pickling variety


In appearance, the fruits of Liang tomato are similar to many other red-fruited varieties, since they have a classic rounded shape and color. Even a specialist can easily confuse it with at least a few dozen similar varieties; differences can be observed only in details.

Liang tomato fruits are regular in shape, about the same size, bright red

Pink Liana looks similar, but the fruits have a completely different, very elegant color.

The fruits of pink Liana are just as even and regular in shape, but their color is completely different.

Actually, the bushes, covered with numerous tomatoes, resemble bushes of some other early determinant varieties, for example, the Beta tomato.

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Fat Jack, its yield

Almost all vegetable growers are engaged in growing tomatoes. There are many varieties of tomatoes that you can grow on your site. Tomato Fat Jack enjoys considerable popularity. Such tomatoes differ from other varieties in their high yield. Moreover, tomatoes bear fruit well not only in warm climates, but also in Siberia.

  • Description
  • Growing
  • Conclusion


Before you start growing a Fat Jack tomato, you should familiarize yourself with its features. The characteristic and description of the variety will help you find out a lot of useful information about this tomato.

A characteristic feature of the tomato can be considered the timing of the appearance of the first shoots. Since the tomato is early ripe, the first fruits appear on the bushes 100 days after planting. It is possible to immediately plant a plant in open ground only in the southern parts of the country, since it is there that the most favorable conditions for growing are.

In the rest of the territory, it is recommended to grow tomatoes in greenhouses or in greenhouses under a film.

Fat Jack's bush is not very high. Even if it is grown under optimal conditions, the height of the plant will not exceed 50 cm. Therefore, gardeners do not have to spend time tying bushes and their further pinching. However, some sometimes remove additional shoots to form a bush. There are not too many leaves on the plants. They have a regular shape, which is no different from the shape of the leaves of other varieties. Experienced growers recommend removing the leaves that are located at the bottom of the bush. This is necessary to improve air circulation and aeration of the soil.

During growth, fruits begin to form on the bushes, which after ripening weigh about 350 g. They are colored deep red and have a flat-round shape. Tomatoes have excellent taste. They are distinguished by their aroma and sweetness. More than 8 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one plant. If the gardener grew them in greenhouse conditions, then the amount of the harvested crop can double.

This tomato is versatile and can therefore be eaten raw or sliced ​​for fresh vegetable salads. It is also often used to create preserves. The fruits of the Fat Jack can be used to make delicious juices, adjika and pasta. In some cases, tomatoes are simply salted in jars for the winter.

The main advantages of the variety include:

  • small bushes
  • high yield
  • large tomatoes
  • rapid maturation
  • ease of growing.


Many people who have grown this variety have never had serious difficulties.

Before planting seeds for seedlings, it is recommended to soak the seed in a special solution of manganese. Such seeds will take in better and will germinate faster in the soil. It is necessary to plant planting material in mid-April. The seedlings will grow for several months, after which you will have to pick them up.

At the same time, it is recommended to plant seedlings in the soil, which was previously fertilized with mineral dressings.

It is necessary to transplant seedlings into the garden at the end of May to be sure that there will be no frost. You can plant them in the ground in the summer, but in this case the first crop will appear only in the fall. During planting, a little egg-shell fertilizer is added to each planting hole. This will be enough for the seedlings to start.

During cultivation, do not think about tying or pinching bushes, as they are too small. However, if there are too many fruits on one plant, then it is better to tie it to a support so that the stem does not break due to heavy loads.


The Fat Jack tomato variety is a good choice for gardeners who have not previously been involved in growing tomatoes. To grow bushes and get a good harvest, you should familiarize yourself with the description of the variety and read the reviews of those who have already planted it on their site before.

Growing features

Tomatoes of the F1 variety, like most varieties, are grown by the seedling method. Sowing seeds is carried out from mid-March to early April. Before sowing, the seeds must be disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then they are washed and a little listened to, and then treated with the Zircon growth stimulator. This procedure will speed up the emergence of seedlings. Fertile soil for tomatoes is poured into a box or containers, it is disinfected and steamed. The seeds are buried in the ground 2 cm with an interval of 2 cm from each other.A pick is necessary when 2 real leaves appear on each plant. After picking, the seedlings are watered, very carefully so that water does not get on the leaves.

After 50-60 days, the seedlings can be planted in a greenhouse, the seedlings are transferred to open ground 7 days later, when it has 6 leaves. 10-14 days before transplanting, the seedlings are hardened, taking them outside, gradually increasing the time they spend in the fresh air.

It is best to plant the plants in a checkerboard pattern, leaving a gap between the seedlings of at least 50 cm.This will avoid thickening of the plantings. The bushes are formed into 1 stem, and stepchildren are also removed every 10 days. 3 times a month it is necessary to loosen and mulch the soil, as well as apply fertilizers. Water the bushes at the root.

Details on growing tomatoes are described in the article: Tomato growing technology. Planting and grooming secrets

Tomato evangelism characteristics and description of the variety. Characteristics and description of the variety

The Blagovest tomato variety was bred by domestic scientists. This is one of the best indoor tomato crop examples.

In 1994, the agricultural firm "Gavrish" filed an application for registration in the State Register of the selection species Blagovest. And in the next 15 years, his F1 hybrid will become the hallmark of the company.

The main difference between the F1 hybrid and the variety is its high yield: up to 6.5 kg from one bush with a ripening period of 95 days.

The variety has an advantage over the hybrid in that it is able to transmit genetic data through the seeds, while Blagovest F1 does not have this ability.

The species is classified as determinant, despite the fact that the bushes grow up to 1.8 meters. This height requires a mandatory garter. Not only a bush is tied up, but also brushes with fruits. Up to eight fruits are tied on one hand.

Leaves are grayish-green in color, medium in size, usual shape.

The culture belongs to the early maturing. From planting seeds to ripening of fruits, 100-107 days pass.

The variety is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and late blight. Possesses increased resistance to insect pests: spider mites, Colorado beetles, wireworms, bear.

The shape of the vegetable is round, the color of unripe tomatoes is white-green, in ripe ones - a pronounced bright red hue. The average weight of a tomato is 100-120 g, but this weight is not limiting and can increase up to 150 g.

Productivity - up to 5 kg per bush, and 16-17 kg per 1 sq. m.

The purpose of vegetables is universal: from fresh use to pickles, pickling and cooking tomato products.

The presentation is excellent. Fresh tomatoes are stored for a long time.

There are varieties of tomatoes similar to Blagovest, according to such characteristics as a high rate of fruiting and early maturity of fruits. High-yielding varieties include: Market King, Stolypin and Lazy. Early ripening crops are Fat Jack, Baron and Dubrava. And such species as Eupator and Verlioka were bred by the same agricultural firm "Gavrish", which is the creator of Blagovest.

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