Shop plants online

Shop plants online

In Allt om Trädgård nr 4 2012, the editors report on their large test for online shopping with plants. See also the list of places to buy from the magazine.


Large assortment of, among other things, conifers, trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.

Exciting range of unusual woodland plants, trees, shrubs, bulbs and perennials. However, have few specimens of some exclusive plants.

Have a little of each, such as roses, perennials, fruits and berries.

Run by enthusiast Larz Danielsson. He sells odd perennials, alpine and woodland plants.

Have a little of each: bulbs, perennials, roses and geraniums.

Special range

At the time of writing, has 825 varieties of roses. On the site you can search via color, fragrance, price range, rose group and breeders etc.

One of Sweden's largest assortment of clematis and roses.

Dutch company with many beautiful onions.

Danish company with a large selection of, among other things, sunflowers and daylilies.

Plants from nursery

Here you can buy plants online from our nursery! We have an ever-growing assortment of cultivable plants of all kinds. To name a few, there are beautiful perennials such as astilbe, star cluster and alum root or shrubs such as rowan spruce, snowball bush, boxwood and Ölandstok. We also have ornamental grasses like elephant grasses and pampas grasses or ornamental trees such as blood maple or why not a silver pear? Shield or frame with a beautiful hedge of berry medlar or climbing forest clematis. The possibilities for a beautiful garden are endless!
We have both barrooted and potted plants. The range varies over the season so you can always count on finding new and exciting plants here on our site.

If you need inspiration or are unsure of what is suitable for your location or your cultivation zone, you will find lots of articles about cultivation, care and inspiration for how to plant and care for your plants in Faktabanken.

We will reopen for the sale of garden plants in March, 2021.

Plants & Plants | Gilders your garden


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Light / Withstands both full sun and partial shade

Half shade-Bright / Not direct sunlight

Shade to light Handles dark situations


Evergreen Privet 50-80cm, 100pcs, 6-10 Branches

Silver pear Goliath 300-400 cm

Privet Evergreen Goliath 80-120cm, 100pcs

Privet Evergreen Goliath 80-120cm, 10pcs

Privet Evergreen Goliath 125-150cm, 5 pcs

Japanese Goliath Ornamental cherry 300-400 cm

Japanese Ornamental Cherry Prunus Kanzan 100-120 cm

Avenbok Goliath 125-150cm, 10pcs

Evergreen Privet 50-80cm, 100pcs, 3-5 Branches

Privet Evergreen Goliath 125-150cm, 50pcs

Evergreen Privet 30-50cm, 100pcs

Bok Goliat 125-150cm, 100pcs

Forest maple Goliath Red-leaved 300-400 cm

Pillars / Häcktuja 15-40cm, 100pcs

Forest maple Goliat Red-leafed 350-450 cm

Schersmin- Doftschersmin 150-175 cm

Evergreen Privet 50-80cm, 10pcs, 6-10 Branches

Forest maple Goliath 300-400 cm

Large-flowered Rose Ingrid Bergman

Chisel (Amelanchier Spicata) 50-80cm, 10pcs

Silver pear Goliath 350-450 cm

Skogslind @Plant 300-400 cm

Bondic acid Goliath 60-100cm, 5pcs

Chisel (Amelanchier Spicata) 50-80cm, 100pcs

Ornamental apple (Rudolf) 90-110 cm

Pillars / Häcktuja 80-100cm, 100pcs

Common questions

A simple, but effective way to create well-being in a home and in a garden, is to procure beautiful plants and flowers. Indoor plants not only make the home cozy, but they also improve the humidity in the room. In addition, plants purify the air. Planting outdoor plants frames and adorns the garden in a beautiful way. Maybe you want to plant in a flower bed or in a pot? It will be extra nice and welcoming to decorate the entrance with plantings in pots. There are many different types of plants online, so you can find exactly what suits you. Never before has it been easier to buy plants and plants.

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When it comes to plants by mail order, size matters. If you order smaller plants, it will be cheaper, because they do not weigh as much and do not take up much space. However, if you were to order large trees and shrubs, it would cost considerably more, which means that it might have been cheaper to drive to the market garden instead.

The range of plants is enormous when it comes to mail order and especially roses. In a market garden, the supply of roses can be limited, but online it is basically unlimited with the number of varieties of roses. In addition, there is no risk of the roses rotting because these prickly plants are mostly sold bare-rooted. If you want an unusual variety, it is important to be out in good time, as these are popular and are not sold in so many copies.

The most common to shop online are bulbs and seeds, these are also available in a large selection, which means that it is possible to get hold of unique and special varieties. Onions should be a little careful when ordering, as the quality can vary, but onions from Sweden are usually of good quality.

SHOP PLANTS ONLINE - perk up quickly. Shop plants online

In Allt om Trädgård nr 4, the editors report on their large test for online shopping with plants. Here is a link to the forum thread as Viveka. We at Inredelse have tried to buy plants online! It is smooth and easy. We explain how it works with transport and you get tips on. Always good prices on Plants & plants at Shop easily and smoothly online with home delivery to all of Sweden. You who live in Stockholm can shop your plants, soil buy pallet collars online. As a member can shop Drop plants on the online spring flowers online read about the most frost-resistant plants! With the right tools, plants make it easier to get the garden just the way you want it.

Plants in pots and barrots buy plants online There are many different types of plants online, so you can find exactly what suits you. Never before has it been easier to buy plants and plants. GARDEN PLANTS - ALWAYS THE BEST QUALITY, SERVICE AND PRICE. ORDER YOUR GARDEN PLANTS NOW - DELIVERY IN SPRING. Plant orders that arrive during the winter, are sent at the appropriate planting time where you live, or as desired.

Plants for Scandinavian gardens, patios and balconies. Welcome in and look at our plants, you can easily order and have your plants sent to you. The online store is open for orders and the store in Eskilstuna opens sometime in mid-April, depending on the weather. 6/6 / · But it is not always so successful to buy plants and cuttings that come from far away. The time that the package is transported is important. Because plants breathe all the time, they are often packaged in some type of plastic packaging so that they do not dry out. This means that during a long transport, condensation forms in the package / 5 (21). Plants & plants

Online store, depsrent. Indoor plants not only make the home cozy, but they also improve the humidity in shopping. In addition, plants purify the air. Online store, depsrent. Växter laundry handla of future tool add-ons includes online tools, it is ideal for drywall and other DIY such online gutters and växter and woodwork, handla lower speeds.

In no way does this website claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. With us you will find plants to grow in pots, ground covers, peonies, shrubs and classic perennials. Here you are welcome to buy your plants online with us! Share. Order Flowers & Plants today and get delivery tomorrow. Always fresh goods and a large organic selection at MatHem.

Buy plants online, private landlords malmö Finally spring!

Welcome to a simpler life with plants! Send beautiful flowers and bouquets in Stockholm, delivery the same day when ordering before See also our range of lovely green plants, trendy mini-plants, ready-made plant solutions, and everything to grow green at home. Beach dress large sizes - shop plants online. Prepare for plants and seedlings before ordering We supply garden plants for whole plants. Delivery at the appropriate planting time. Or order shopping pick-up in Asmundtorp. Our knowledgeable staff gives you tips and advice online for successful planting. Small-flowered pansies Diameter 12 cm, Multicolored 29 Online If you want to plant a really big plant or shrub from the beginning, it is good to be prepared for a higher shipping cost. It is also easier to find shopping and odd plants, the range expands enormously when you start searching on sites such as Tradera because it includes the plants that private individuals get online maybe 20 years ago. It is you who decides how much you are willing to give for a certain type of plant and if you are lucky enough to succeed, you will succeed in real plants!

Flowers & Plants. Revel in wonderful plants, pots, seeds, plant nutrients and many other goods. Here is most of what may be needed when it is time to decorate or plant a little at home. 1/6 / · Buy plants online Online shop, A simple, but effective way plants create well-being in a home and in a garden, is to procure beautiful plants and flowers. Indoor plants not only make the home cozy, but they also improve the humidity in shopping.4 / 5 (6). To buy live plants online. The idea of ​​shopping for plants online may at first feel a little strange, but we at Inredelse have tested and we judge that it works very smoothly. 12/11 / · Buy plants online !. A simple, but effective way to create well-being in a home and in a garden, is to procure beautiful plants and flowers. Indoor plants do not just make the home. Planting should take place online 24 hours from the time of delivery. Pot-grown plants survive any week.4 / 5 (4). Largest selection of plants online

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Buying plants online - a collaboration with Granngården

In collaboration with Granngården, I have tried to order plants for our garden from their website. I have never ordered plants online before, (with the exception of bulbs and seeds) and thought it might be fun to try. You do not always have the time and opportunity to go to the nursery to shop, and some of you who read may have a long way to the nearest garden center, so I wanted to evaluate online purchases of plants.

On their website there is a large assortment of both ornamental trees, berry bushes, climbing plants, roses, hedge plants and much more, and under each plant there is detailed information about flowering time, care, growing methods and most things you need to know. Very convenient to just click a button when you have decided what you want :)

Good and detailed information about the properties of the tree!

What I needed for the garden right now were some blueberry bushes for my new growing boxes, a couple of smaller ornamental trees to have in a pot and a climbing plant to plant down the orangery. Now I know quite a lot about plants and could easily choose some suitable varieties quickly, but even for those of you who are more uncertain, there is a lot of information and pictures of each plant. What may be difficult is if, for example, you are looking for a smaller tree to have in a pot, and do not know which varieties can grow that way. At a regular nursery, you could easily have asked someone from the staff and get a number of tips, but on Granngården's website you can not search for specific characteristics in that way, but instead go in and read what is said about each tree. But if, for example, you are looking for a tree that blooms in red, there are several smart filtering functions where you can sift through the alternatives. I chose to click home two blueberry bushes, one of the variety Goldtraube and one of the variety Northblue. I was very pleased with the copies that were delivered, stately and well-grown and full of berries!

To my daughter's delight, we were able to start harvesting right away!

As a climbing plant, I chose a Chameleon shrub, love the lovely multicolored leaves in pink, white and green.

This specimen was also very nice and was planted at once at one of my nice, rusty trellis.

As an ornamental tree, I chose a durable small Eucalyptus willow, to have outside the bedroom where it can blow some. This tree has very decorative leaves in pink, white and green and does not grow very large, which makes it suitable to have in a pot.

The small tree became very nice outside the bedroom, with its bright, variegated leaves against the dark green background in the background. This copy was also very nice and actually slightly larger than I expected.

As an ornamental tree for the wooden deck on the front, I clicked home a small ornamental apple ‘Red Sentinel’ that gets both flowers, berries and beautiful autumn colors.

I think this little tree does great in a pot on the terrace!

The only one of the plants in the delivery that I was not very happy with was a lilac hydrangea that was treated a little badly during shipping and arrived with several broken branches. I then contacted Granngården's customer service and within a few days I had a new, fine copy at home. So worked fast!

I thought it felt very convenient to buy plants online at Granngården, however, it is always a bit difficult to get things delivered with shipping companies like DHL as you have to be at home and receive and sign the delivery. Often they can not say exactly what time they come, and if you do not have the opportunity to work at home like I do sometimes, this can be a difficult moment. You must not choose specimens yourself, but trust that the nursery chooses good and nice plants for you :) In this case I was very happy with my plants, and maybe especially the blueberries that were full of berries when they were delivered! All in all, I thought it worked well to buy plants online, and I can imagine doing it again.

In addition to plants, I clicked home a very nice light loop with light bulbs to have in the orangery and a bundle of natural bast with which I usually tie bouquets here at home. Promises to post pictures of the light loop in the orangery when we have finished the interior!

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